Pranayama & Meditation

Have you ever really thought hard about your breath?


We all breathe naturally, but I mean consciously, in how you can change and control the way you breathe and the reasons behind this? Ever wondered what the real benefits are of taking a conscious breath in and out and how it can effect our immune system, physiology and mental mind? Do you know how the average amount of breath we take each day and the way we do it can have a result of our life span? And why is it easier to move into meditation after a Pranayama practice? 

All this ~ the practice, the scientific and the fun facts will be explained and put into action in this workshop.

Pranayama & Meditation

Saturday 26th March​

2-4pm £30

Studio 10, Cheltenham


Earth As Relative - Tina Pashumati James

Join us for a very special workshop with Master Teacher from Canada: Tina Pashumati James. 
Tina is an authorised Senior Ashtanga Yoga Teacher by Manju Jois at the European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga for over 28 years and also an Advanced Jivamukti Teacher for 15 years. 

Tina Pashumati James will be running  her special workshop assisted by her student Sunny Saraswati Devi during the day on Sunday 10th April. 

In the evenings she will hold a separate KIRTAN, an awakening drum ceremony and Mirror of my Soul - a healing Kirtan mantra through chanting. 


This workshop will focus on the present moment, finding our grounding with loving awareness in relation to our connection with the Earth through the practice Shantiseva Vinyasa, Earth Practice, Pranayama and Meditation.

This is an incredible workshop and kirtan of powerful intentions and recalibrating our health and wellness.

Stress Relieving
Group Healing

We will use Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, Meditation, deep healing through mantra and the drum circle.

Tina will use tuning forks as acupressure during the breathing exercises.

The asana and strict vinyasa will be a beautiful flow of Earth healing stay close to mother.

Please allow yourself enough time to settle on the mat. 

15:00 - 15:30 Pranayama
15:30 -  17:00 Asana (EARTH CLASS AMAZING SOUNDTRACK) deeply healing shamanic drumming in savasana.
17:00 - 18:00 teaching strict vinyasa with music and meditation to close. 

18:00 - 18:30 Break vegan puja 

KIRTAN 18:30 - 2100
Please note to book and pay for this separate class, it’s £15.
Closing Ceremony: 

Arati sharing of the light. 

Sunday 10th April

3-6pm £60 (£55 early bird)

Studio 10, Cheltenham

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Earth As Relative
Tina Pashumati James

Kirtan - Tina Pashumati James

Mirror of my Soul: kirtan mantra for healing, drum circle and chanting. Please feel free to bring your own drum and of course if you don’t have a drum, blessing two rocks which can be used together or your hands and voice would equally be beautiful! 


Explanation of the Awakening Drum Ceremony:

Welcoming the drum is mostly your own heartfelt intentions and awareness within the circle of sound.

Depending on what you understand about medicine traditions already:

We will Take the drum outside.

Gather what you need, and center yourself within before beginning.

Sage it, and perhaps make a tobacco or corn meal prayer/offering to the earth and sky.

Give thanks to the ancestors who taught us, and to the spirit of the animal and plants that made this medicine drum and beater, for your benefit, and to benefit others.

Thank the maker for his gifts and wisdom infused into the making of the drum.

Turn to the four directions and honor the energies and 'gatekeepers' of each direction.

We will Do this with the drum in hand.

We will beat and use the drum to honor and call in each direction.

Turn above and below again to earth and sky.

Turn back to the drum, and spirit within, and call forward your own essence and spirit, and that of your guides and teachers.

Ask that this drum, and you, be used as a vehicle for beauty and healing in this world, and give thanks again to the Creator for this opportunity.

We will play and sing with the drum, sing a song, chant, or tone if you are able to (simple heartfelt sounds, even humming,and of course Aum.)

Sunday 10th April

6.30-9pm £15

Studio 10, Cheltenham

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Tina Pashumati James