Secret Garden - Ashtanga

Ashtanga Class in the secret garden of peace and joy!

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 12.50 British pounds
  • Location will be emailed to you on booking

Class Details

Yoga in the secret garden of Peace and Joy. I will be delighted to meet you in this beautiful tucked away secret garden in the Christchurch area of Cheltenham. A private and secluded space, away from passersby with easy access and free parking. Following the government’s Covid guidelines with social distancing in place, I will only be able to teach up to 14 students in each class. Please bring your own mat, props and water bottle and be mindful of the private surroundings, taking back with you everything that you bring into this peaceful and joyful garden. Sunny will guide you through the Ashtanga Practice which is suitable for all. You will learn to follow a set sequence of postures (Asanas) building strength, flexibility and endurance in the physical body. It also realigns, loosens tight muscles and detoxifies the body and nervous system. Through regular practise, on a mental level, it improves the focus, willpower, mind body awareness and confidence to overcome the mental obstacles in our practise. On a subtle level the Practice helps with clearing the energy channels in the body (Nadis) which allows the breath (Prana) to flow freely through the body allowing the mind and body to connect. Ashtanga is a dynamic practise but practising it in a mindful way by synchronising the breath count (Ujjayi breath - victorious breath) and the movement of the body it will become a moving meditation. The energy released will connect you with your own beautiful personal practise and with the fellow Yogis around you.

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To cancel, or reschedule, please give me a 12 hour cancellation notice.

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