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Living the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga with Sunny Warbout.


Living the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga with Sunny Warbout. 


Ashtanga meaning “Eight Limbs” or the eight branches of Yoga. They are an important part of Yoga in which the different stages of the practice the sage Patanjali describes in The Yoga Sutras.


An exciting day of learning how we can introduce the different stages to benefit our daily lives and the awareness that each are connected and one can’t function without the other.


Ashtanga is often seen in the western world as a very dynamic practice but through learning the connection between all the eight branches of Ashtanga Yoga we gain the understanding of the healing aspects and that this can be done in a more conscious and mindful way to benefit the whole wellbeing of oneself.


Sunny will lead you on a magical journey where you will gain knowledge by starting the day from a more outward journey with a physical practice. She will guide you steadily through the eight stages of learning the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga towards the more inward practice where we will sit in meditation.


This workshop will release stagnant energy flow in the subtle and physical body working towards an inner light of awareness to a more spacious feeling within. And will help us to become more conscious and aware of why the Eight Limbs are so important to our whole wellbeing. 


For this day please bring:

  • Your yoga mat

  • Your own props if needed to make the day most comfortable for you 

  • Warm layers (the window will be open)

  • Pen and paper if you like to make notes

  • Your water bottle and, if you like, a flask with your hot drink

  • If you’d like to stay for breakfast and lunch with the group, we’ll picnic in the studio. Please bring your packed breakfast and lunch and anything you need - cup, plate, cutlery as to be covid secure we can’t use anything at the studio. 


Place: Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre 

Date:  TBC

Time: 8am - 4.30pm (8.5hrs)

Cost: £65


Book online for this workshop or for any enquiries contact 

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