About Sunny's Classes


Vinyasa Yoga

What does this really mean?

We all know practicing Yoga is good for our wellbeing, not only for the physical body but also for our mental mind, emotional and spiritual self. So where does this term Vinyasa come from and what does it mean when we go to a Vinyasa class?

Vinyasa is derived from the Sanskrit word Nyasa, which means placement or sometimes we might think “to place”. The prefix Vi means orderly or we might say “in a special way”.

So Vinyasa means conscious orderly placement of a sequence of events. A flowing sequence of Asanas (postures) linked by breath and intention.

In a Vinyasa Class Sunny will guide you through a sequence of Asanas as one continuous movement from start to finish. Every movement into or out of a posture is linked to an in breath and an out breath with intention - the underlying reason for the practice drives the movement forward. Connecting the breath throughout the practise will leave you balanced, grounded and uplifted physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ashtanga Yoga

Has a cleansing and toning effect on both body and mind. By drawing our attention inwards we step away from what goes on around us. Focusing on the breath (Uyajji breath - Victorious breath) helps us to find stillness in the mind.

You will learn to follow a set sequence of postures (Asanas) building strength, flexibility and endurance in the physical body. It also realigns, loosens tight muscles and detoxifies the body and nervous system.

Through regular practise, on a mental level, it improves the focus, willpower, mind body awareness and confidence to overcome the mental obstacles which often are holding us back from moving forward.

Ashtanga is a dynamic and uplifting practise and practised in a mindful way, serving your own body, it becomes a practise suitable for everybody.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is “Yogic sleep” and one hour of Yoga Nidra is said to equate to four hours sleep. Yoga Nidra encourages profound relaxation and effortlessness.

A deep relaxation to harmonise the deeper unconscious and awaken inner potential to connect to a meditative state of being.

This systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation is suitable for all practitioners.

For a busy mind, Yoga Nidra enables us the discovery of stillness. It is a great way to bring calm, presence and peace for those who suffer from insomnia and those who are practicing on their mindfulness and awareness.

How does it work?
The practice of Yoga Nidra is a practice of Yogic psychic sleep that will guide you to the hypnagogic state, a state of consciousness between wakefulness and awareness. Try to remain awake by listening to the sound of my voice. I will guide you to move your awareness to various bodily sensations, emotions and images.

What will you need?
You will need to make yourself as comfortable as possible, lying on your back supported with as many props as needed. Such as bolsters/blocks supporting your knees, the use of blankets/cushions behind your head and a blanket over your body would be helpful if needed. Make sure that you are warm enough and that your position will be comfortable for the duration of the practice.