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Sunny Devi Yoga Retreats

Location: Spanish Soul Farm Mas els Igols, a traditional 18th-century Catalonian farmhouse, transformed into a beautiful art-filled boutique retreat centre surrounded by the Pènedes vineyards near Barcelona. 

A seven-day inner transformational immersion, the way to lasting happiness! 


Without inner change, there can be no lasting deep transformation. Inner change is often associated with moving away from negative thoughts. But this is not the goal nor the end of the inner journey. Recognising this and making a real effort to embrace positive thoughts will be the true beginning of an inward transformation. 

This very bespoke retreat will offer unique pathways in a group setting as well as special private time set aside for one-to-one opportunities and a variety of practices designed specifically for each client’s needs. 

Practical tools will be offered throughout this journey to underpin an elevation in you, driving away from any feelings or thoughts that are holding you back or keeping you stuck. 

This will help you to properly focus on the importance of the health of your whole wellbeing and the practical tools shared with you will provide that ongoing support on your return back home. 

This transformational time will be guided through important practices of Pranayama (Breath Work), Yoga & Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Kinesiology within the realm of the spiritual body and the subtle energy within. We will start from the inside out, looking at root causes rather than looking at solutions from the outside in. 

Immersing ourselves in a setting of serene, calm and peaceful environment; detoxifying the body with simple and most delicious organic food from the earth; and freeing our mind from the worldly goods will combine to make that realisation of how important it is to carve out personal time to get a clearer vision of who we are and to make a start on our new found path forward. 

Sunny will take you on a deep transformative journey with her extensive knowledge and gentle wisdom from her personal experiences of educating in the wellbeing sector. She specialises in deep breathing techniques for mental health, physical injuries and emotional support. She has studied trauma informed support in aid of Yoga Therapy and coaches her clients in a very beneficial way to their personal needs. 

She will be joined by Valerie Payne from New U Therapies. Val will be sharing her wealth of deep wisdom and immense knowledge of her Kinesiology and well-being practices as well as her deep inner knowledge of the spiritual body through two workshops and treatments from her world of professionalism. 


Friday 6th of October to Thursday 12th of October 2023 

Soul Farm Mas els Igols 

Cami la Verna, s/n, 08737 Torrelles de Foix, Barcelona, Spain 

All stays include: 

  • Arrival Friday dinner, three daily meals Saturday - Wednesday and breakfast on leaving day. All food is organic, locally sourced and served with refreshments.  

  • Wine tasting afternoon.  

  • Pottery ceramic art class which includes shipping your own handmade art to your home.  

  • Transfer taxi upon arrival to the retreat centre and vice versa 

Single bed shared room £1200 p/p paid in full in one payment. 

Single occupancy private room £1500 paid in full in one payment. 

A non-refundable deposit of £120 for a single bed and £150 for a private room is required to confirm your space at the retreat and all full payment must be paid by September 1st 2023. 

Retreat Package Single Bed: 

  • Full Payment of £1200 upon application, this will include a £120 non-refundable deposit. 

  • Three Instalments: £120 non-refundable deposit is required upon application. Thereafter 1st July £425, 1 August £425 and final payment 1 September £425. 

Retreat Package Private Room: 

  • Full Payment of £1500 upon application, this will include a £150 non-refundable deposit 

  • Three Instalments: £150 non-refundable deposit is required upon application. There after 1st July £525, 1 August £525 and final payment 1 September £525. 

For booking your place or inquiry please give Sunny a call on +44 7870 573908 or email

* Please note that flights are not included in the retreat package price. 

* 📸 All pictures are taken and owned by Mas els Igols 

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