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Private Coaching

£65 per hour

or £175 for 3 sessions

Yoga teacher Cheltenham 

Yoga teacher Gloucestershire 

Yoga Classes Cheltenham 

Yoga Teacher Gloucestershire 

Online Yoga Classes Cheltenham 

Online Yoga Classes Gloucestershire 

Private Yoga Classes Cheltenham 

Private Yoga Classes Gloucestershire 

Advanced Yoga Teacher Cheltenham 

Advanced Yoga Teacher Gloucestershire 

Private Coaching

I truly believe that each of us is unique, we all have different bodies, different lifestyles and different needs.

I am passionate about not only connecting with people but coaching people in such a way that they can find that connection with themselves, the physical, mental and emotional part of their lives.

Therefore to have a background knowledge about a client’s life and their injuries - if they might have them - is of importance to understand the clients needs and to give them an individually designed practice they deserve.

Private coaching is a great way to help with your regular physical & mental practise. It can help with strengthening at the same time as working towards a more supple body and indeed the mental body too, especially if Yoga is not part of your daily exercise. Learning to breathe deep into your belly will help to calm the nervous system and creates space in both body and mind. This will all enhance your own relationship with your personal and professional life, it brings back balance and grounding for a happier and a healthier way of living.

For enquiries about private coaching please give me a call or send an email so we can talk through what it is you are in need of.

Cost of private coaching will be £65 per hour or £175 for 3 sessions within a month paid in advance. 


“Sunny came into my life a few years ago one summers evening. Sometimes, very rarely, you just know a person will become important in your life. As with the seasons and especially summer evenings you think of them fondly and look forward to their return.

I had heard of Sunny in Cheltenham as the most experienced and highly respected teachers of Yoga, with a whole body, mind and soul approach. I had attended her classes and knew instantly that they were authentic. The real deal.

Her gentle, calm and grounded aura felt like a warm blanket straight away around my shoulders.

These thoughts came to the forefront of my mind again many years later with the sudden death of my mother and a shock Cancer diagnoses of my eldest son. I have been a dancer for many years and being fit and having the ability to heal myself quickly was always very important. I knew my body well and I was a very ‘Together’ person until everything suddenly imploded.

My body and mind stopped working together and the most shocking thing is I forgot how to breathe. How is this even possible? Learning to breathe is the first thing in life you do. I called Sunny and she suggested I spend time with her learning to breathe again. Her many years of experience and knowledge enabled her to identify my immediate needs very quickly yet putting in place a supportive framework for me for life.

I learnt to meditate and breathe my way through and out of anxiety and to find the stillness within myself. Something I never thought I would be able to do.

These have become invaluable tools for me, and everyone should have these skills in this life to draw on.

Sunny you are a special teacher,mentor and friend and a guiding light”

~ Luciana D'Elia

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