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With Love and Light, Sunny Devi Yoga & Jagannatha Das are offering an uplifting evening’s celebration of 108 Sun Salutations. 

This celebration is a beautiful opportunity to welcoming the divine light into our heart and mind. With Joy, Sunny will peacefully guide you through the the 108 Sun Salutations. The mind and body will be moved to a higher consciousness through the magical mantra sounds led by Musician and Kirtan singer Jagannatha Das.

To close the evening’s celebration Lara from Lara’s Tarts & Friands will be serving her most famous and deliciously baked vegan mince pies. 

This Winter Solstice is a reminder to honour our connection with the natural world. We will honour the darkness and welcoming the Divine Light into our hearts and life. 

In winter everything lies dormant in the silent earth, it is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the awakening and the slow build toward brighter days. 

It brings a great stillness and has the energy of going within. It can be a time to rest and reflect.

This time of change will give permission to slow down and give rise to an opportunity to reconnect with the fluidity of life which is so important to our health and wellbeing, it will bring back balance and joyful energy. 


The winter solstice is the moment in the year when Earth is tilted as far away from the sun as it will be all year and therefore the shortest day of the year, meaning it has the longest period of darkness.


Winter Solstice celebrates the day of the sun’s rebirth allowing the days become longer and symbolises the energy of fire and light, along with life, death, the rising sun, and the moon.

For this day let yourself rest in the peace of darkness, knowing the changing of the season, and the return of brighter days is ahead, be reminded you are always connected to nature and your inner light never dims.

Date for the diary!
Thursday 21 December, 6pm - 8pm
Venue: The Isbourne
Cost: £20

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Sound Healing with Breath and Crystal Singing Bowls 

Start your New Year Journey on this three-day (15 hour) certification workshop with Tina Pashumati James in January 2024. 


An open invitation to all; Welcoming students who are seeking a qualification for teaching as well as students who are on their own personal journey of healing and who are not wishing to teach at the end of this course work. 

Tina is a highly respected and world-renowned teacher who will be teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge and immense wisdom in how to find and create a peaceful and healthy balance through sound healing in a natural way and to grow spiritually from within. 

You will participate and learn in sound healing meditations with crystal singing bowls and how sound healing can work with your energy centers to improve and heal your mind and body deeply and holistically. This will calm your mind, unlock your body's chakras and release hidden energies! It is a natural medicine through sound baths to create space of inner healing for the whole wellbeing. 

Crystal singing bowls are ancient Eastern medicine. While modern medicine can cure specific health issues, crystal singing bowl therapy  is a more holistic healing approach. Crystals have inherent healing properties which combined with tuned sounds work to amplify the healing benefits. Each bowl emits a powerful, healing resonant sound. These bowls are much more reverberating with the tone lasting longer, simply because of the size specific tuning and amount of pure crystal.

In the training you will learn 
1. The science of sound and sound healing: Nada Yoga
2. The use of crystal singing bowls in a chakra Meditation
3. How to play the singing bowls
4. Vedic mantra  sound healing systems of chanting 
5. The Chakra System and how to apply it to sound healing
6. How to prepare for sound healing sessions
7. How to do a sound healing session for groups and individuals
8. Yoga Nidra
9. Breath Work

What will you need to bring?
- Come in comfortable clothes.
- Bring your set of Quartz crystal singing bowls (either 1,  3 or 7 bowls).
- You may purchase from Tina if you do not have Quartz singing bowls, please contact Sunny for more information. 
- For full healing of all 7 chakras, the full set of 7 bowls is recommended but if you have 3 we will help you to use what you have.
- Bring your own refreshments and food if you wish a snack or a drink. Coffee, tea and water are provided on the day.

This three-day workshop will give you a 15 hr Sound Healing Certificate 

Dates and duration:
Three days of 5 hrs/day practical (at studio) and 5hrs of self-study, learning to create a healing plan at your own pace in your own environment. 


Friday 12th January 2024 - 4 pm - 9 pm
Saturday 13th January 2024 - 8 am - 1 pm
Sunday 14th January 2024 - 8 am - 1 pm 

The cost for this three-day certified course work (15 hours) is £800

Venue in Cheltenham tbc  

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the New Year, please note that spaces are limited and will book up quickly. 

“It's a cry and a Ceremony of pure Love. That's what music, sound, vibration should do. It should spark energy in someone. We have to live at a higher vibration, caring for all beings and our beautiful Blue Planet. It is the Life Force of Mother Earth.”

~ Tina Pashumati

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Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

This workshop is open to Teachers and students who would like to learn the Foundation Practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa Yoga emphasises the linking of movement and breath (Vinyasa), Ujjayi breathing (Breath of Life) and Bandhas (energy locks).

In Sanskrit, Ashtanga means eight-limbed (Asta - eight,Anga - limb). Ashtanga Yoga is the union of the eight-limbed path towards achieving the state of Yoga, into one complete, holistic system, also known as Samadhi. 

Learning to practice from the inside out is how we start to change our perception in a far more beneficial way for ourselves. 

“Do your practice and all is coming.”
~ Shri K Pattabhi Jois

Date: Saturday 13 January 2024
Venue: The Isbourne
Time: 2.30pm - 4.30pm followed by Q&A 
Cost: £30

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