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Born in Seoul (South Korea), adopted by Dutch parents, Sunny started her Yoga journey with an Ashtanga practice as a young teenager in The Netherlands. Ever since that time Yoga has been her constant support through a continually evolving and changing life. 

She lives a Bhakti life and serves her students with love, kindness, compassion and passion. Her teachings are very inclusive, teaching young Teens to the more advanced Yogis, making it possible for everybody to join her classes. She supports all Yoga practitioners with modifications if needed.

Yoga teacher Cheltenham 

Yoga teacher Gloucestershire 

Yoga Classes Cheltenham 

Yoga Teacher Gloucestershire 

Online Yoga Classes Cheltenham 

Online Yoga Classes Gloucestershire 

Private Yoga Classes Cheltenham 

Private Yoga Classes Gloucestershire 

Advanced Yoga Teacher Cheltenham 

Advanced Yoga Teacher Gloucestershire 


As a teacher of Bhakti Yoga, Sunny teaches the practices of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Shantiseva Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Meditation. In her classes and the more personal Private Coaching, she weaves the importance of Pranayama (breathing exercise) all the way through a physical exercise which will leave the student balanced and uplifted. As a Bhakti teacher, it is very important to work towards a healthy and happy whole well-being of the student, which means that the practice benefits the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body. 

Sunny is a qualified Advanced Yoga Teacher registered with International Yoga Alliance E-RYT. She has taught for Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga and as a Senior Teacher for Orange Yoga both based in Cheltenham, UK. 

Sunny is also a Certified Senior Shantiseva Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga and Bhakti Teacher registered with the Shantiseva Yoga Institute based in Whistler, Canada. With over 4000 hours of training completed, she still continues to evolve and deepen her own personal practice.

She is founder and owner of Sunny Devi Yoga based in Cheltenham, UK. She serves her students with classes, workshops, training and retreats.

During Covid 2020, she became an affiliated Tutor of The Isbourne Wellbeing Centre and shares, in her own unique style and approach, the authentic teachings of Yoga in a very beneficial way to a wider audience.

Known for her connection, passion and dedication within the Yoga Community she is able to tune in the awareness of Wellbeing and Yoga to support her students and the local community, and to share it with local charities and businesses. Defining a better, more joyful and healthier way of living. 

She has worked to deepen her study in the anatomy of the body, Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Therapy. Specialising in different Breathing techniques, to support the healing of - and the study into -  mental and trauma-informed Yoga. This has given Sunny a deeper understanding and knowledge of her teachings.


Her very unique style of teaching includes a combination of music, mantras and physical practice teaching you how to move your body in a deliberate way, to find that connection with the breath to get that balance and grounding physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Sunny’s teachings are not about achieving the unreachable, it is all about what arises within you and work with what you’ve got to transform that into a practice that makes Yoga achievable and enjoyable!

Sunny Warbout

Sunny is an International Yoga Teacher who shares her wealth of knowledge, wisdom of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Yoga  Therapy not only with her local students but also with wider communities through her 35 years of personal practice and teachings. 

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